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We focus on the R&D and production of folding solar panel supplies. We already have experience in technology development centers and big-scale production lines. Now, We’ve helped over 20 customers save on the total cost of importers and gain good market share in their local area. Strong production capacity and excellent service make us confident to serve more customers. Contact Us Now!

Premium Testing Gear

We have a complete set of energy storage power supply test laboratory, including internal resistance tests, battery comprehensive tests, energy feedback charge and discharge tests, capacity separation cabinet, working condition simulation tests, temperature tests, salt spray tests, drop tests, shock test, vibration test, etc.

ODM/OEM services

We presently provide OEM/ODM services to 42 countries and regions and our products are highly regarded in markets throughout North and South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Africa, and the Middle East.

solar panel 16W

Solar Panel 16W

Maximum Power Voltage/Current: 18V/0.89A

Folded Size: 513*198*4mm

Open Size:1040*198*2 mm

solar panel 24W

Solar Panel 24W

Maximum Power Voltage/Current: 18V/1.33A

Folded Size: 513 x 198 x 8 mm

Open Size: 1540 198 2.5 mm

solar panel 28W

Solar Panel 28W

Maximum Power Voltage/Current: 18V/0.44A

Size: 285*160*26mm

solar panel 80W

Solar Panel 80W

Maximum Power Voltage/Current: 18 V/4.44A

Folded Size:330*350*16mm

Open Size: 690*1400*3.5 mm

Solar panel 100W

Solar Panel 100W

Maximum Power Voltage/Current: 18V/5.68A

Folded Size: 560*632*18 mm

Open Size:1265*560*4 mm

solar panel 160W

Solar Panel 160W

Maximum Power Voltage/Current: 18V/6.7A

Folded Size:570*550*20 mm

Open Size: 1633*570*5mm

solar panel 200W

Solar Panel 200W

Maximum Power Voltage/Current: 18 V/11.1A

Folded Size: 480*370*15 mm
Open Size: 560*630*3 mm

solar panel 400W

Solar Panel 400W

Maximum Power Voltage/Current: 39V/10.25A

Folded Size: 480*370*16 mm

Open Size: 1920*370*4 mm

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