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1000W Portable Solar Power Station

1000W Portable Solar Power Station

 Portable power station 1000W Rechargeable Generator Solar Battery Power Bank Support wireless charging, QC3.0, Type-c, fast charging function.


Physical parameters Input & Output
Size 319*270*207mm Adapter DC 25.5V/5A-127W
Weight 12.5kg Car Cigarette Input 13.8V/5A
Shell PC+ABS+METAL DC Output 12V/10A
Battery Ternary lithium USB Output QC3.0-18W
Capacity 270.000mAH(999WH) Type-C1 65W
Rated 1200W AC Output 100V/60Hz,220V/50Hz,1200W
Peak 2400W LED light Reading+SOS+Flash
Waveform Pure sine wave
Solar Charging 127W-MPPT(BUILT-IN)

Q: what is the battery of this device?
A: Lithium-ion battery.
Q: Is it a pure sine wave or a modified sine wave?
A: It is a pure sine wave.
Q: How long can this equipment supply electricity?
A: It depends on the power of your load equipment. It can supply
electricity for 3 hours if the power of the equipment is 500Wh.


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