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Complete Home Use Solar Panel Kit – Hybrid off-Grid System (3000W)

Complete Home Use Solar Panel Kit – Hybrid off-Grid System (3000W)

Product Description
System Type
Hybrid Solar PV System
Gel / Lifepo4 Lithium Battery
Life span
around 25 years life time
PV Cable
4mm/ 16/25mm/35mm
Advantages of Solar Energy Systems

Cost-friendly: Solar energy is free solution, so you won’t have a hefty electricity bill, and there’s minimal maintenance required. Eco-friendly: Solar energy systems rely on solar power, so you’re doing your part for the environment. Great Options for Rural Areas: If you live in a rural area and commonly experience blackouts, off-grid solar systems are a great choice as you’re generating your own electricity. Great for Emergencies: Even if you’re not living in a rural area, you can take comfort knowing that you’ve got backup power in case of an emergency. Easy to Maintain: Off-grid solar systems are sturdy and don’t require much maintenance, all you need to do is occasionally clean the body and change the battery bank.

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