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Indian Type DC shunt 1A-6000A For Ammeter

Indian Type DC shunt 1A-6000A For Ammeter

We are capable of customization based on our customers’ requirements.

The fixed setpoint shunt is a type of external shunt suitable for directly measuring the DC current below 10kA on the analog display instrument used to expand the DC current measurement range, or as a current in the sequential circuit. The standard resistor used for sampling can be regarded as the analog signal of the primary current for measurement.

Color  Yellow & Black
Current Rating Customizable
Operating Temperature -40°C ~+60°C
Voltage Drop 50mV/60mV/75mV/100mV(can be customized)
Accuracy Class 0.5
Material Copper + Manganin
Overload Capacity 120% Of Rated Current For 2H
Function Are Used To Multiply The Measuring Range Of Current Of Measuring Instruments.


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