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500W Portable Power Station

Reliable & Affordable 500W Portable Power Solar Generator Supplier

Portable Power Mastering Your Outdoor Life

Discover Smartrade’s 500W Portable Solar Generator: a compact, eco-friendly power solution for outdoor activities, medical equipment, and off-grid systems. Durable, lightweight, and efficient, it offers reliable power on the go.

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Technological Lead

With professional quality team, rigorous and reliable experimental testing.

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Supply Chain Support

The most reliable resource guarantee capability and low-cost full chain operation system.



Automated, intelligent production lines for higher efficiency, first-class warehousing and logistics to ensure timely delivery.


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Rich industry experience, high quality control system, strict control of the product every step of the manufacturing process


Highly efficient technology development capability, advanced precision manufacturing process level


AC Output Power500W
Maximum Output Power1000W
Battery Capacity129600mAH
AC Output Voltage220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ(selectable)
DC Output12V/10A*2Ports
USB OutputQC3.0(18w)*2Port + TYPE-C:PD65W + TYPE-C:PD100W
Wireless Charging15W
LED ModesTorch Light +SOS +Strobe
Solar InputMPPT Max.5A
Adapter Input15V/3A
Adapter Charging Time10-11H More than 90%
PD 100W Charging Time5-6H More than 90%
Adapter + PD100W Charging Time3-4H More than 90%
Product Size224*190*156mm
Net Weight4.7kg
Packing Size610*270*250mm(2pcs/carton)
Warranty1 year
AccessoriesMain Frame, Adapter, Manual, Qualification Certificate
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cn300 wavelength
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power station workshop2
power station workshop
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you need questions about our company? ask here!

 Our FAQ section is curated to address the most prevalent queries and concerns in portable power stations, providing concise yet comprehensive insights. Whether you’re exploring applications, integration possibilities, sustainability contributions, or investment returns, our answers aim to demystify complexities and offer clarity.

Our 500W portable power station can run a wide array of devices, including laptops, smartphones, small appliances, and medical equipment, providing reliable power for both work and leisure

The duration will depend on the device’s power requirements. For example, it can charge a smartphone up to 40 times or run a laptop for about 8–10 hours.

It is designed to operate under various conditions, but for optimal performance and longevity, we recommend using it within the manufacturer’s specified temperature ranges.

The charging time is optimized for efficiency; a full charge can be achieved within 3–11 hours under standard conditions, ensuring that your operations are up and running without undue delay.

Due to FAA regulations, power stations over 100Wh may not be allowed in carry-on or checked luggage. Please check with your airline before traveling.

Yes, you can charge the power station via a 12V car adapter, making it convenient for road trips and outdoor adventures.

Indeed, our power stations support pass-through charging, allowing you to power your devices while the station itself is being charged. This feature ensures continuous operation, crucial for both outdoor activities and emergency medical scenarios.

We do offer bulk purchasing options and discounts for B2B clients. Please contact our sales team for a detailed quote and partnership opportunities.

We stand behind our products with a robust warranty and dedicated after-sales support. As a factory with three production lines, we ensure that any concerns are addressed promptly and that your investment is protected, reflecting our commitment to quality control and customer satisfaction.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty. Any authorized service center or our main office can assist with servicing.

Yes. we can supply samples after pay. The sample will be delivered by reliable express such as FedEx DHL UPS etc.

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