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Discover the pinnacle of charging technology with our Smart Home EV Chargers. As a premier supplier, we guarantee unparalleled quality and performance for bulk orders, ensuring your business stays ahead in the green revolution


Strengthening Connections: Our Established and Emerging Markets

Venture into our dynamic customer landscape across Europe, Australia, and Asia, where we’ve laid strong foundations with established collaborations and are actively seeking to deepen our reach. This interactive map highlights our growing network of partners, including automobile dealerships, distributors in the new energy sector, wholesalers, and home energy installation companies. Our focus remains on these strategic regions, aiming to cultivate lasting relationships and expand our client in these vital markets. Explore our map to see where we’ve made our mark and where we’re heading next, as we continue to forge new paths and partnerships in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions










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Smartrade Smart EV Chargers

Be eco-friendly and go green

Eco-friendly Charging
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EV Drivers Services

Our EV Chargers are designed with the latest technology to provide fast, efficient, and reliable charging for electric vehicles. They are equipped with smart features like real-time monitoring and automatic power adjustment, ensuring a seamless charging experience for every user.

Explore DC & AC & Portable EV Chargers & Accessories

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AC EV Charger

Discover the convenience of our AC EV Charger Station, perfect for home use. Efficient, eco-friendly, and easy to integrate into your daily life. Click to explore how our advanced charging solutions can revolutionize your electric vehicle experience!

Portable EV Charging Stations

Explore Smartrade’s Portable EV Charger Series, tailored for diverse needs with Type1, Type2, and various power plugs. Offering flexible 3.6kW-16kW and 3-phase charging, our products cater to every requirement. Embrace efficiency and versatility with Smartrade

EV Charging Redefined: Smart, Eco-Friendly, and Portable Solutions

1. Standard Home EV Charger

Balanced efficiency, easy installation, suitable for most EVs, Level 2 charging, 7.4 kW power, basic Wi-Fi for remote monitoring

3. Solar-Integrated EV Charger

Eco-friendly, solar-compatible, smart energy management, 7.4 kW solar charging power.

5. Portable EV Charger

Flexible, portable, travel-friendly, plug-and-play, compatible with standard outlets.

2. Dual-Port Home EV Charger

Ideal for multiple EVs, two independent ports, simultaneous charging, individual port control, 7.4 kW per port.

4. Smart-Home Connected EV Charger

Tech-advanced, smart home integration, voice control, intelligent scheduling, real-time analytics

6. Extended Range EV Charger

 Enhanced for longer distances, faster charging, extended cable, high power output, durable for outdoor use.

EV Charging Solutions

Why Choose Us

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Industry-Leading Technology

Our chargers offer 30% faster charging with over 98% uptime, certified for reliable and efficient business operations.

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Customized Solutions

Our chargers, boosting fleet efficiency by 25%, are customized to your business needs for optimal operational performance

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Our solar chargers reduce emissions by 40% and energy costs by 20%, while our integrated system with the Enphase App enhances fleet efficiency by 35% for smarter resource management.

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High ROI and Savings

Achieving a 9.5/10 customer satisfaction rating, our support team guarantees 24-hour responses, resolving 95% of queries immediately. Clients average a 120% ROI in two years and save $1,500 per charger annually with our competitively-priced solutions


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Smartrade's Smart EV Chargers: Power at Your Fingertips

Experience the next level of convenience and control with Smartrade’s cutting-edge EV chargers, designed to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. Our chargers come equipped with innovative smartphone app control, putting the power of managing your EV’s charging needs in the palm of your hand.

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